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Tradition and Innovation

The founder and managing director of ESG Kräuter GmbH, Erhard Schiele, comes from a farm in Hamlar, on which vegetables have been cultivated many generations. As skilled agriculturist, Schiele has gathered comprehensive know-how in plant cultivation. In 1986 he established a new branch with the drying of kitchen herbs, developing it into the leading European herb production in a short period of time.


The constant growth of the company made it necessary to move
out of Hamlar and to rebuild the production site. With the construction of the biogas plant in Hamlar in 2004, ESG Kräuter GmbH was able to close the business cycle. The company is constantly improving the production engineering in all areas, from the cultivation to the processing of the herbs. Quality, product safety and active environment protection are their highest priority.

Managing director Erhard Schiele has joined the federal government's
project to increase the number of open apprenticeship training positions in Germany. With the opening of several apprenticeship training positions, he has ensured the continuity of ESG Kräuter GmbH's expertise in the production of high quality and safe food for the healthy cuisine. Anja Strobel, Boris Jansen and Stephanie Schiele (from the left to the right), who are currently doing their apprenticeship training as office clerk, specialist in food technology and  industrial mechanic, profit from the social corporate culture.

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